Assignging Bound Notes To Chords In Patterns, Best Practices


This may be answered in the OM. If it is, a link to the page or section would be helpful. This is not an urgent issue.

Question: Best practice for approach to transposing the bound notes in patterns.

I started with Chords from a Preset in Section A and dragged those to Pattern 1; next, I modulated the Preset Chords (Section A) up by two Semitones and dragged those to Pattern 2. Switching from Pattern 1 to 2, I observed the bound notes were the same? What to do?

I went to Edit Mode and Selected both patterns and the Key Binding moved up one octave! Perfect and well done on that…back to work on Project. :slight_smile:

But, I still wonder, is there a way to assign the Chord Key Switches without doing this? It is possible to assign which Individual chords are bound to which Individual notes? I don’t really “need” this and I’m glad this isn’t necessary as it could be very confusing. I’m just wondering if I have it right or perhaps missed a better workflow?

Thanks for any references or guidance on this.

(My biggest compliant about Scaler is that it’s too damn good. :slight_smile: I’m still spending far too much time exploring the expressions and chord sets… :-))