Assigning rhythms to keys

Say i like the rhythm of a Presto preset on my root key (of a bass synth) but only want that rhythm played on the root key and then leaving other keys without that rhythm assigned to it (so im free to play my own longer notes etc) before returning back to the root key…Is that possible? I know i could record that root key into a piano roll and then deactivate it and play over…But wondering if theres a mapping system in scaler to assign rhythms to only certain keys?

Ah firgured it out…

Assign single notes to pads (like a bass sequence) and then edit playback performaces for each pad…so essentially you can assign different rththms to each single hit…

This is probably common knowledge lol…but im happy!

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Welcome Gareth.

Nice tip and I’d bet not as common knowledge as you might expect.

Have fun exploring…Scaler has a number of tricks under its sleeves.

Also, would you mind if I tag this in Tutorials?

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It gives things a subtle more organic feel compared to the same rhythm on every key.

Yes happy to help

Thats right, that is a actually a brilliant idea @jonesy7979 !
I have been wondering about how to realize that function myself for a while now, and the MIDI CC mapping in its current incarnation just hasnt been my thing.

But I never thought about just cloning my same chord progression into multiple patterns in section C and then edit the performance settings there. So much easier to recall the different expressions from there via the pads.

Thank you for sharing that idea!

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