Audio detect

I am trying to detect audio on a track where I play one arpeggiated chord over and over on guitar. I inserted Scaler on the track in question in Pro Tools, chose guitar in the Scaler GUI, chose audio as opposed to midi in the Scaler GUI, played the track in Pro Tools and pressed record on Scaler. Scaler shows that it is receiving incoming signal via meter deflection but I hear nothing in my headphones and nothing is recorded/detected in Scaler. When I remove Scaler as an insert on the track I then hear the track during playback.


Hi @fzappa13

if the audio meter in Scaler indicates there is some signal coming in it can be two things:

  • The threshold for detection is too high and Scaler considers the track silent. You can adjust the threshold by moving the little blue dot over the detection source selector:

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 12.40.13 pm

  • The content you are trying to detect is not considered to be a chord by Scaler. You mentioned playing an arpeggiated chord which might be the issue, the audio detection does not pick up individual notes. Does it work any better if you play it a strummed chord or any other content?


Okay, interesting. Playing the chord worked in that it began detecting the chord but it offered several suggestions as to what chord I was playing, all very similar, each time I plucked the chord. Offered several times each were Asus2, Asus2(b5), A 5# 11, and Emaj7(sus4)… Could it be that it is seeing the chord I am playing differently if I pluck one of the strings harder than the others each time? Would it help to heavily compress the signal to even out the notes?

P.S. It did settle in on this offering being in the Lydian mode and no other.