Audio Detection only works once

  1. Using ScalerAudio as an insert on an audio track (identical behavior when run as midi plugin)
  2. Audio detect feature works as advertised the first time audio is added or recorded and chords are shown
  3. Adding a new file or re-detecting input audio does not work. The previously detected chords are still being shown
  4. When the prev. analysis is deleted, the plugin does not detect any audio
  5. The only way to detect new audio or a new file is to remove the plugin and add it again

Really enjoy the feature, so would love to see this being resolved.
More then happy to provide you with a screen recording (upload doenst allow movie files)

System: OS X Catalina, Logic Pro 10.6.1, Scaler 2.2

Hi @allaboutseb

thanks for reporting we will have a look.
You can send me the screen recording at


Thanks Ed. Sent you an email.

I have the same problem in cubase /10 on mac-
It only works once in insert mode audio. You have to restart cubase or remove scaler to work again
Very unconsistent at this time - REALY NICE FEATURE IF IT WOKS CORRECTLY. Did you get any solution? Im very interested.

Hi @chimusic

thanks for reporting, we have discovered the issue and it is getting fixed.
It will be part of the next patch.

Thanks for your patience,

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Hi Ed,

I was shopping for this plugin and downloaded the trial to test it out. I want to buy this plugin but I will definitely wait until this bug is fixed before I do so. I wanted to provide some feedback as a potential customer. I am currently on the trial version of Scaler 2.2 and running all 64bit plugin operations and 64 bit DAW in FL Studio 20. Here is my story…

The plugin opens and I choose an audio file to drag and drop, the audio detects fine and converts my sample. But if I go to do that again with another sample scaler does nothing after clicking yes to replacing the previous detection. This problem persisted, but I did notice that if I switch my plugin to “make bridged” in the processing tab of the plugin wrapper in FL studio, that the plugin would reload and allow me to insert another sample, but then only worked for one sample. So back to square one. I figured you guys would want to know about the “make bridged” option because of some behind the scenes coding or something like that. Hope this helps. Please let us know when the fix comes out, I want to buy this plugin!



Hi @RayTurner

Thanks for the added details, and sorry this issue is delaying your purchase.
The next patch is planned for the end of January. We are confident the issue will be fixed then.

We will post the full changelog once the update is available to download, so you will be able to check that it is fixed before purchase :wink:


Sounds good @Ed1 I am excited! Thanks for getting back to us!

@Ed1 did you guys ever patch this?

Yes, this is fixed in our development version. It will be part of the next update.


@Ed1, any ETA on the update? Plugin Boutique still shows 2.2.0. thanks in advance, Seb

@allaboutseb, it is now 2.3.0

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Excellent! Thanks Paul.