Audio to Midi output

Perhaps I am missing something, but if Scaler can detect chords from an audio source and it shows the keys being played, is there not a way to output the detection into midi chords but in the sequence and tempo of the audio track?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I seem to recall (but maybe I’m recalling it incorrectly) that Scaler’s detection is not properly ‘time aware’ - it seems to look for detected ‘changes’ in audio. Hence, if you had bar 1 and 2 as a C maj triad as a constant sound it would detect that as a bar.

Also, it can try too hard, and comes up with wonderfully convoluted chords from notes here and there as a decoration.

I use de Coda, which has really good detection (in triads…), is time aware, and you can export MIDI chords. I can then use that as a base and user Scaler to find any nuances, but you can used the de Codsa triads and then use suggest to add interest.

Thanks for the response and info. I’ll check out your suggestion!