Audio track

I opened an audio track for a Logic Pro X track. I would open the Scaler audio program to another track. I pressed the Scaler Rec button and put Logic on the play program. The scaler does have chords as it should and there are certainly some great complex chords in that audio track. but kuitenkaan However, it may not record the lengths of the chords when should the chord be changed to another? I think it could very well do it, because that’s what it sounded like on the flight.

“may not record the lengths of the chords when should the chord be changed to another?”

[Added later ] Ah, I forgot the title was audio. The same issues as described here can happen with audio, but I posted some tests on tis elsewhere on the board]

Scaler detection appears (a) to detect changes to input and (b) quantises detected items to one time bar/time unit. So if a sequence of 4 bar midi triads playing legato, which goes C C F G (say) Scaler correctly detects them but reports it at C F G.

It’s detection algorithms are very good, but that can mean you might not be able to use them as (say) a backing pad without editing because of potential dissonances.

Detection of audio and midi is an art IMHO rather than a science, and Scaler will save an awful lot of work, but the odd tweak may be needed.

If Scaler identifies chords that are good enough or interesting you can use them, but you have to create the harmonic rhythm in your DAW. Assign the chords to a pattern, bind the keys and record the lengths of the chords in your DAW. However, if you then assign a Performance in Scaler, you may have to make some further adjustments depending on the Performance mode you use.