Augmented sixth chords

Hi, i’m a novice harmony student and also a novice in Scaler lol. But i’m using it as a tool to study apart from getting musical ideas.

We’ve been studying augmented sixth chords, using them as subdominants for example in the context of a major tonality.

For example in C Major:
Italian IV6 Au: (notes: Ab - F# - C)
German IV6/5 Au: (notes: Ab - C - Eb - F#)
French II4/3 Au: (Ab - C - D - F#)

Is there an easy way to find these chords in Scaler or should i build them?

I’ve found the italian one in the locryan augmented scale i think. But i’m not sure how to find the others. Also for example the German one is named with G# as a fundamental.

I hope i made my question clear. Thanks!

That’s rather interesting… sure why not?

Set Scaler on midi chord input detect and play the chord and see what Scaler thinks it is. Should work great I would suppose.

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Further to this you can then ‘Extract Voicing’ and ‘Apply Voicing’ in the right click menu in Section C or apply the ‘Extracted Voicing’ to all chords globally top right in the VOICE GROUPING dropdown.

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