Auto Detect is working

Auto Detect is working, I’m playing a live auto track and placed scaler2 on a track, opened it up chose auto detect, hit play in studio one and scaler just reads “waiting for input”

please help

Hey Music2020
You did not give us much to go on, but here is a shot. I’m on Studio One so this is what I know. Not sure where you selected “auto detect” but be sure you set your detect SRC: to midi or audio (when you are in the right plugin…see below)
There are probably 2 Scaler plugins installed on your system: Scaller2 as a VST instrument and Scaler2Audio as an effect (FX). On Studio One, Scaler2 the instrument will detect midi input (your keyboard or midi notes in an event) however it will not detect audio To get Scaler to detect audio, you will need to use Scaler2Audio on an audio track. To do this, you need to drop Scaler2Audio on an audio track (it will show up as an insert) From there you can open the UI from your inserts menu and turn on detect. Now you can either hit play (if you have an audio file on the track, or you can play live into the track. From the SRC: box, you can also open a file directly. Hope this helps a little

In Scaler 2 Audio, there is also a slider to adjust the sensitivity, which helps a lot.

Thank you for your reply, this is my first time posting. I apologize for the limited information.

I have done as you suggested and retried to drop a Auto wave onto Scaler2 Audio, with no success.

Maybe you see what I might be doing wrong from the screen shot. Also it wouldn’t detect with Live Audio either.


What sample rate are you working in? I had the same issue at first and then figured out Scaler2 doesn’t support audio input or files at sample rates higher than 88200.

Thanks for the reply I’m running at 512 sample rate

That would be your buffer size. Audio sample rate is different. Make sure its set to 88.2 kHz or below for audio input to work with Scaler 2… and any audio files must have been recorded or sampled down to 88.2 kHz or below as well. I don’t use StudioOne but I found this screen shot of where to find the sample rate settings.

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I can see quite a bit from your screen shot.

Apparently your audio file is 44.1 16-bit, so np.

But what you didn’t say is that you clicked record in audio detect.

So now Scaler is waiting for you to play the audio into Scaler by hitting play on the DAW.

If the record button isn’t lit it might work much better. I think Scaler is confused.

Oh I had place scaler in record mode when I tried to detect auto, however I unclicked record immediately after the failed detection, just before the screen shot.

I don’t know your DAW, but have you checked the track where Scaler is, is really receiving an input?

In my DAW for example, you should see the name of the feeding instruments in the track area; if not, it means there is no feeder

here, a minute that I redo the shoot
OK, here it is and note that both tracks are armed
I think to remember 1 only is needed, but I am accustomed to arming both

Your Scaler is NOT armed
maybe that is the problem

I retried in a new version same song and still no auto detection.

@Music2020 If I am not too much sleepy :woozy_face:
it seems that Scaler is armed now, but the other around aren’t
maybe you have to arm both?

If this doesn’t work, better waiting for developers

Ok…we’ll get there.

In your pict, it looks like you have the audio loop on a track w/out Scaler. You might try this. ( 2 steps)

Start a new empty project in Studio One
1 ) Drag a Scaler2 instrument onto your track 1
This will open Scaler. Hit a couple keys (or click on some notes to BE SURE you can interact with Scaler.
Now click the detect button, select midi as your source, hit the red record button in Scaler and play some notes. Scaler should detect your midi notes. (Scaler does not care about the record setting of the track when detecting)
Get this working before you got to step 2 (Audio detection via ScalerAudio

  1. Now drag a ScalerAudio FX onto track2 and it will create an audio track
    ScalerAudio will open and if you play some notes you should hear it. (Scaler and ScalerAudio look the same)
    Now drag a audio clip to the same track (track 2)
    Hit play in your DAW to be sure you can hear a good loop with chords or notes
    Now, hit the detect button in ScalerAudio in track 2
    Select source as Audio
    Hit the RED button in scaler (it will say it is waiting for input)
    Hit play on your DAW to play the loop and you should see scaler detecting.
    Depending on your loop, Scaler might be listening but it can’t find any notes/chords.
    (be sure the little audio indicator above the source selector is illuminating.)

Don’t give up, it easy when you get the right pieces but it can be confusing when something is a little wonky. Scaler is too cool to give up on.

Good luck…we’ll will keep an eye on you.


I will try this thx. get back to you when done.

Thanks So Very Much y’all it is working! I de-armed rec just before the screen shot. Thanks again. :smiley: :smiley: :notes:

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Glad to hear it.
A few resources you are probably already familiar with:
School of Synthesis - The mother ship for Scaler
How to Easily Figure Out Chord Progressions Studio One Producer & Scaler contributor
Scaler 2 in Studio One routing virtual instruments
MG The Future - producer, Scaler contributor
Craftmaster Productions - producer, Scaler contributor

Have fun.


Wow thx nah I hadn’t heard of these, I just moved from Cubase elements to Studio One 5.

Can you tell us what you did to get it to Detect?

Oh I followed the exact steps of information TMacd posted 14days ago, in response to my help question. Tmacd post is still posted to view scroll back up towards the top of this feed.