Auto Note Adjustment

First off, need to say Scaler is the most useful plugin I own. It’s not cheating, it’s teaching!

Got a question, I’m sure it does this but can’t work out how.

Say I’ve got a bunch of chords lined up, is there a way I can automatically get Scaler to adjust the chords, so the notes are bunched as tightly as possible… kind of automatic inversions? Hope I’ve explained that well enough? Here’s hoping and thanks, Mark


Doesn’t Voice Grouping attempt this?

Here is a short pattern: D min G min E dim Bb Maj.

Without Voice Grouping the midi file is
D min G min E dim Bb Maj. no grouping.MID (151 Bytes)

And with Voice Grouping it is
D min G min E dim Bb Maj. voice grouping.MID (183 Bytes)

Is this what you wanted?

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Try this. Create the chord with the closely-space notes, then use “Extract Voinging” and then “Apply Voicing.”

I tried this.

First, I created a D Major cluster (D, E, F#, A). Scaler called it a D Major Add 9.

Next, I added chords to the Pattern from Scale using the Suspended voicings.

Lastly, I selected the first chord and used RMC “Extract Voicing” then selected all the other chords and used RMC “apply voicing.”

Scaler generated closely-spaced chords. Not perfect “clusters” per se, but very good. A little touch-up editing would be all that’s needed.

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Not one but two possibilities… fantastic! I’ll take a look and get back! Thank you so much for helping me with this, very much appreciated