Autokey feature similar to Serato Studio

Good day everyone,

Hope you’re all good this weekend. I have a simple question, I was curious to know if there are any vsts that would allow me to change the key of my samples to any key.

Similar to Serato Studio, where you drop a sample in and from there every other sample dragged in is at that same key. I have plugins that detect the samples key but I was wondering if there were any that could just change its key.

Thank you guys for any help.

Hi RonnieGrepp

Most of my samples are in the form of WAV files and for these a number of options are available.

Samplers will enable you to repitch a sample, but most also change the length of the sample: as the pitch is raised the time taken to play the sample is shorter and conversly when the pitch is lowered the sample is longer.

One of the star points of both the Ableton Live DAW and the Reaper DAW is that after loading a sample you can repitch it without changing its length. I don’t know if other DAWs can do this but it is worth checking out your DAW. If you let us know which DAW you are using someone may be able to help you.

Alernatively pitch corretion software such as Melodyne may help you. I think the lite versoin is included in Bandlab’s Cakewalk DAW.

You will, however have to change each sample you use individually.

PS You may also consider Audacity audio editing software (free) whcih incudes facitlities for changing pitch.

One final note is that when changing pitch by large amounts artifacts may be introduced to the sound.

That is indeed the case, and Melodyne actually update it. I’ve only found a way for it to run standalone, and not as a VST.

Hi @RonnieGrepp ,

Looking at this again, as I understand it, you want something that where you have a project with a set of samples in a given key (say A) and you then add a sample in another key (say C #min) the plugin will automatically adjust the key of the previous samples to the key of the new sample (i.e. from A to C# min). Is that correct?

I don’t think I have ever come across such functionality.