Automatic melody

Are you using some software that automatically generates melodies?
A good melody, when I went to look at the chord progressions and found that I was familiar with it, but I couldn’t think of this melody, which is how I often feel. I don’t know if you are.
So, I was wondering how to have a function that automatically generates melody, will it help inspire some ideas?
Many friends may feel that the melody should be created by themselves. Yes, I think so too. But I think if it can inspire inspiration, it can also be tried. Do you think so?

Riffer from Audiomodern is a good option. You can restrict it’s output to use chords and scales that you route to it.

I’m surprised that you ask the question, being a fan of BIAB and a user of Scaler :grinning:

Starting from chords (and it’s hard to generate a melody without having some prior framework, at the very least a scale, and diatonically, a mode) there are now dozens of products which will do this, and some are sophisticated e.g. (but not by any means uniquely) Rapid Composer.

So depending on the genre they might be following, musicians are spoilt for choice. I guess most users see them as composition aids rather than creating a final product, so yes, it triggers inspiration.

In my opinion, RC is a surprisingly good program. It has a lot of adjustment possibilities, which style you want to apply. There is so much in the program that I haven’t even learned to use yet.

Depending on which instrument that you may play, your musical background and style, I believe that there are different ways of composing music. Ignoring atonal compositions, @panda is right when he says

You can then use this to create a sequence of chords and use these to identify the scale tones that form the skeleton of a melody.

Alternatively you can just use

and from these create either a set of scale tones which will lead to a melody or create a motif(s) which you then vary to create phrases and ultimately a melody; and add the harmony afterwards.

If you don’t pay an instrument and have no training in music theory there are several music creation software packages available that may help you, but each is limited in its application and approach: BIAB, Captain Chords Epic, etc.

BTW I don’t believe that Scaler is actually a tool for creating music, although many people have used it as such, but rather it is a tool that helps the user to compose music.

It does this by enabling the user to experiment with sequences of chords and suggesting chords to extend a sequence, and melodically through its in-built performances.

It is instructive to watch @davide’s video where he is composing tunes with Scaler. Plugin Boutique also has an interesting video entitled Starting A Song on this.

This is not a criticism of Scaler, merely an observation about its design and use.

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I agree entirely, and indeed that was @davide’s goal in “enabling the compose within” IMHO … Scaler provides canvas, paint, and brushes, and you paint the picture.

Mainly because the SOLOs produced by BIAB are traditional instruments. Guitar, saxophone and more.

I was listening to electronic dance music when I asked this question and really didn’t think of BIAB.

Thank you for your reminder. Ha ha :joy:

no, because producing melodies is so entertaining that I don’t want assign this task to an app

anyway, I found that DODO lets you drive any instrument with your voice… :astonished:

It seems working well (not tested by myself anyway) so maybe it can help you (and others) with melodies

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Thanks, this is interesting.
The principle should be to turn vocals into MIDI?
I use STUDIO ONE and MELODYNE regularly

I also use Melodyne sometimes but I think that DODO is totally different
They have a video with explanations anyway
good for youngs like you I think

I think it is turning any audio that is simple (no chords or fast arpeggios) into MIDI