Automatic unpretentious drums, just for jamming

Hi there

I just found this simple free drums
It can be cosy if you like just jamming or testing a tune
My EZdrummer is clearly better, but this one is simpler

Cual es el sitio de EXdrums? Thanx

I suspect EXdrums is a typo for EZdrummer ??

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Yes, I was too sleepy indeed :rofl:
I edited my post adding the link

I am not much into classical drummin, but I have found the drumset options in Garageband quite interesting, which come for free on iPads (perhaps even iPhones?). And I easily connect the iPad output to my PC DAW. The touch interface of an iPad is more intuitiv for drums than playing them by keyboard. I like how Garageband simulates the relevance of sound differing depending where exactly you strike the drums