Automating synth while using scaler 2

Right here goes guys ill try my best to explain what i mean

in short i use omnipshere linked with scaler 2 but I cant arm the omnisphere track so i can move the filters on my access virus ti

The channel with omnisphere has to have scaler 2 as midi inputs so now my synth wont change things in omnisphere - is there a way round this so that when i play my synth keys/pots etc both scaler work and the filters etc within omnisphere?

You are talking about midi pass through. I think there was an issue with a certain version and setup. Could you tell us which version you are using and what setup you have?

WINDOWS 10, ableton 10 and omnisphere 2.6

Its not a big deal as i can set automation to my apc40mk2 but it would be nice to use my virus ti to move filters etc too

What’s your version of scaler? Click on the scaler logo and look bottom left of the pop-up. Thanks

Myu version is 2.0.4