Basic chord detection

When detecting chords in an audio file, it detects every single note. Is there a parameter that only detects the basic chords? Scaler follows the melody but I only need the basic chords. Has anyone experienced this also?

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Yes, that’s essentially how it works. Two things to consider using audio detection :

{1} Its goal is to detect chords, and hence if an audio note isn’t stacked up with the chord, it will show the note in the detection. I’m not aware of any way to switch this off.

{2} Scaler detects changes in chords, and so not ‘time aware’. So if you have a 4 bar piece which goes C F F G Scaler will show C F G

The bottom line is that unless you can feed in plain chords, you have some editing to do in your DAW.

So the first thing to do is to look at the source; if you have multiple tracks, just feed the chord track.

If not, you might look to another tool. I use both Scaler and deCoda

However, these two do things very differently. Scaler is pretty smart at detecting chords themselves (subject to points 1 and 2 above) and will pick up higher extensions above triads. That’s useful

deCoda essentially is good at extracting chords from a full track, and (unlike Scaler) is time aware. However, it normally only detects them as triads (with maybe the odd 7th thrown in) but does not have Scaler’s nuanced ability to pick up extensions.

So, if you use deCoda to extract the progression, and then feed those back into Scaler, in some genres you will then need to use Scaler’s (excellent) tools to enhance the extracted triads by ear. Whereas so ‘boiler plate’ pop will be OK, it’s not ok with jazz, classical, and many other modern styles.

As usual, horses for courses.

BTW, I’ve never seen this as a “bug”; It’s actually essentially doing what it says in the doc.

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Try Yamaha Chord Tracker it’s for iOS device and android . It free on App Store

If you have an instrument in the mix playing chords in a more limited range then you might try wrapping a bandpass EQ around it to limit what Scaler is concentrating on.