Bass / Root only Voicing

In the excellent ’ Scaler 2 Workflow | Writing an Entire Track’ video Davide demonstrates how to build a rhythmic bass part by editing MIDI previously dragged from Scaler 2. This is a great idea - but it does seem a little cumbersome.

This might be pushing the boundary of the purpose of Scaler a bit, but would it perhaps be useful to have a ‘Voicing’ added that played only the bass or root notes for a chord - or maybe one for each? - this way a Progression can be used to generate MIDI for the chords, then the same Progression can generate another MIDI item for just the bass, without the need for editing?

It’s clear to us that many users are requesting a bass line generator. Whilst that is cool I am more interested in a custom built, artist driven ‘Bass Performance Mode’. Ed and I and the rest of the team have discussed this and it is on the roadmap as a priority. I think we can make something special here.


Now that would be something very special indeed for Scaler.
Very excited to hear it’s already on your roadmap.
Keep up the outstanding work :+1:

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@davide Any update when bass performance will become available?

Black Friday Nov 26th. Using it now and its so great.

Voonderbar! Glad to hear it. :wink:

Is the Bass Performance done?

December 10th

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