"Basses", "Suspensions" buttons always available for last chord played

It would be very powerful to have these chord buttons, however small, always available without any extra clicks necessary in the UI to be able to either drag to a chord pad or even to key-lock somewhere. They would of course change according to the last chord played or triggered.

For example, if i played an “C” chord, there would be these buttons:

Under “Basses”:
C3 C5

Under “Suspensions”
C12 C4 C9 C49 C7+

It would also be great to have “Derivatives of Dominants” and “Derivatives of Subdominants” always available, as well.

This could all even be available in a page to tab to, like this:

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Did you mock that up, is or is it a screen shot of “Harmony Improvisator” which I have somewhere … ?

Yes, thats Harmony Improvisator - It’s my favorite part of that old plugin, which I believe has been discontinued for years. The layout of those buttons is very musical, and probably the best I’ve seen to associate the GUI directly with music theory over time
Making a layout like this available to drag to chord slots in Scaler that then become playable would be pretty marvelous - much faster

I must dig it out and see if it works under win 10 … It was vey quick to scan alternatives, and the string patch was very good.

Yes. It works on Windows 10.
I had it on a parked CD and I just tried it. Still useful