Be careful acquiring from Plugin Boutique: the 14-days refund time is not always granted

This may happen when the software has a demo, but this is not 100% functional, so you have to acquire it to see if the complete release is suitable to you, and you ask then a refund within 14 days

In my case I acquired Riffer and only after acquiring it I realized it was unable to do what I wanted

So be careful: if you acquire the plugin directly from the developer, you have the right to return it within 14 days, whatever the reason, and receive a refund, but if you acquire the tool from a reseller like Plugin Boutique you keep that right only for a few motivated situations not mine clearly!

I asked them to change the plugin with another at least, but no reply so far :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What doesn’t it do? I have Riffer as well but haven’t used it since I got Scaler 2.

I was able to extract a nice guitar arpeggio from the Riffer’s demo, and I hoped to be able to extract more, but it didn’t happen

Scaler has currently tons of very good patterns for pianos, but very few patterns for guitars

Only the last release contains a few riffs made by guitarists for guitarists, and I was able to do this vibe with one of them