Beginner Tips - Videos

Hey everyone !

We’ve started making new videos to demonstrate Scaler’s abilities and highlight some great combinations of content straight out of Scaler.

Each example is made of 4 tracks with a single chord set and internal sounds.

We’re sharing here the state of each session for you to replicate those combinations as a starting point if you want to try your own variations.

Beginner Tips #1 : 90bpm

BeginnerTips#1-Scaler1.xml (11.7 KB)
BeginnerTips#1-Scaler2.xml (11.8 KB)
BeginnerTips#1-Scaler3.xml (11.8 KB)
BeginnerTips#1-Scaler4.xml (11.9 KB)

Beginner Tips #2 : 80bpm

BeginnerTips#2-Scaler1.xml (13.8 KB)
BeginnerTips#2-Scaler2.xml (14.0 KB)
BeginnerTips#2-Scaler3.xml (13.8 KB)
BeginnerTips#2-Scaler4.xml (13.8 KB)

Beginner Tips #3 : 82bpm

BeginnerTips#3-Scaler1.xml (11.4 KB)
BeginnerTips#3-Scaler2.xml (11.7 KB)
BeginnerTips#3-Scaler3.xml (11.5 KB)
BeginnerTips#3-Scaler4.xml (11.5 KB)

We hope you have fun, don’t hesitate to share if you have found a combination that you love.




I like the little quick tips videos. If I could offer just one small suggestion? Maybe just go a tiny bit slower in the videos where you’re showing four tracks of scaler working together. The text explaining which pattern or performance is being used flashes by so fast I can hardly read it. So, I have to end up playing the video one time just to listen and two or three more times to play/pause the video in order to read the text.

@RBIngraham you know that you can pop out the embedded video into Youtube and then choose a slower playback speed?

Yes I know, I have been watching them directly in YouTube as they came out. :slight_smile: I’m just a slow reader, albeit a native speaker/writer of english.