Best free DAW buddy with Scaler?

Another vote for Tracktion Waveform — Waveform Free | digital audio workstation band editing software - Tracktion

All the above goes to show how lucky we now are as both music hobbyists and professionals - the price of just one of the hardware synths I used to own would have paid for every DAW and VST I now have. On top of that we have a plethora of amazingly functional tools to choose from. Making music has never been so accessible !


Another vote for Cakewalk. I’ve been using it for years (when it was a paid application) and it just keeps getting better and better. Very fully functioned including track folders (and folders of folders as of the most recent release), an arranger capability, very full featured midi management and the list goes on and on. Integrates really well with Melodyne (separate product but its integrated into the track) and all kinds of sophisticated routing options. Works flawlessly with Scaler and you can route Scaler output to other synths as needed. Highly recommended.

Thanks guys!! Thank you for your input.

I came across a page with a real good vibe. I want to share it with you:

Well it’s on free DAW but it’s not it. Scroll down:

" It’s a free online beat maker that uses pitch-shifting and time-stretching technology to help you piece together up to eight unique samples on LANDR Samples!"

It’s an intelligent software like Scaler. Not centered on chords. On beat. It’s free and royalty free!! I saw other offline plug-ins/online services that do similar things but they come with a price tag.

Keep rollin~

There is a huge number of cakewalk video instructions on YouTube. Also going to cakewalk band lab site finds many as well. No disrespect but did you really do much research?

:slight_smile: Nah it’s fine. It was more than a year ago. Maybe two or more. Sonar/ Cakewalk seemed to have a long history. If the UI was too old, I skipped them. If the videos were boring, I skipped them. I knew basically nothing at the time. Cakewalk had the best UI at the time I must say. It was still scary. If I couldn’t follow, I skipped them. God knows how many I skipped. Then what was left really wasn’t much.

Another vote for Reaper. It’s an absolutely incredible software. I would suggest Reaper to anyone, but especially to people new to DAW’s. It’s not the friendliest, it doesn’t hold your hand and tell you everything is going to be ok, but once you understand how it’s structured it’s the ONLY one that can truly grow with you throughout a life in music imo. As a film composer and sound engineer I blast through different genres regularly and have different workflows for writing, or editing, or mastering. Reaper is customizable far beyond anything else you can find on the market, you can automate it to do nearly anything, it’s stable AF, plus it’s nearly free, plus it’s updated pretty much weekly.

Ableton Live gets my second vote especially if you’re doing electronic music, it’s an ingeniously creative environment to work in. Stuff is organized in Ableton very different though, it’s hard for people to shift to another DAW after getting steeped in it.

My 2 cents, happy hunting!

I’ve used (and taught) pretty much all the big ones except for Studio One and Bitwig.