Best midi keyboard for using scaler?

hello everyone! i want to get scaler 2, and after watching this video and seeing how he could hold his chords to lock notes to create melodies from, i am now wondering if scaler wont be very effective with 25 key keyboard. is it possible to do this as overdub?

video in question

referring to the 15.30 minute mark

is scaler ok to use to make harmonic melodies with a 25 key keyboard

I think it works just fine with 25 keys. You can always shift octaves around, but I rarely ever run into constraints with the 25 keys, just playing Scaler chords.

Welcome @noah Yes also Scaler has some versatility in using EDIT mode and muting chords to trigger melodies in keys lock.For two handed performance I always prefer a minimum 49 key.

Same thing that @davide, is best to have a keyboard with a good extension of keys, and more if you change the patterns via keyboard on live playing / recording.

thanks everybody! i think i will stick with a small 25 key midi as I travel alot!