Best practice for 100% fun and 0% hassle ;-)

As you could certainly have understood my preferred plugins are those as Broomstick Bass, or the Toontrack ones, that follow my ivories pounding, strumming and scraping without asking what they have to do

I consider Scaler almost perfect for keyboards and rhythmical guitar, and I still use AIR Ignite sometimes because I love some of its sounds and patterns

So my preferred Ableton template for 100% fun and 0% hassle is:

2 Scaler instances for AAS Strum GS and EzKeys
Broomstick Bass that I raised from the dead, because he plays bass almost automatically, and its metronome sounds like drums; this way I can freely test Scalerโ€™s patterns with a rhythmical basis that sucks almost zero RAM & CPU

Only after I find convincing keyboard and guitar parts, thanks to Scaler, I feed EzBass with the Broomstick Bass MIDI, then add EZdrummer 2 and possibly an instrument solo