Better preset management would be very helpful in scaler


I’m using Scaler every day and have amassed more than 100 different saved chord progressions. I find it very difficult to use the preset management. It would be great if there was a way to organize presets by date. The preset should always be visible from the front screen. Its impossible to know when to save over a preset if you have spelled it correctly or not. I can’t tell the age of each preset without dates, my most recent presets are always the most robust, but they get buried when they’re all saved in the same place and only organized alphabetically. Can these improvements be added to the next version of scaler?



Totally agree, unfortunately it’s a relic of the original scaler which just hasn’t got the love it needs due to priority. Sorry for the hassle and we will get there I promise!


don’t hold your breath, it took scaler a half a year just to fix the issue where new presets were overwriting old ones. apparently saving files correctly isn’t a ‘top priority’.

ideally you would have the preset in view at all times, be able to write over the preset without spelling it correctly. having dates and being able to reorganize by date is crucial. additionally if it had the key and scale info in the preset that would be very helpful. I usually have to add the scale to the preset name and it would be great if it just did this automatically as metadata.

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having a favorites or bookmarks or color tagging would also be helpful to set aside important presets


I too concur, I hope for some improvements.

also would be a favorite function for presets great

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