Better Way to Use Voicing

Thanks to the Scalar team for continuing to innovate. One area that I find challenging is using various voicings. Typically, when playing four chords, musicians like to use different voicings for such chords. Let’s take the example below to demonstrate some of the challenges and think about potential improvements.

Let’s say I’m playing around with the “Song” chord sets and find that I like 1 voicing from each of EDM, Neo-Soul, Rock and Blues. I may say that these are my favorite voicings and I like to use them on all of my productions. I can add them to the “C” section and save them as a chord set called “Favorite Voicings”, but applying these voicings to future productions is very difficult. “Extract Voicing” and locking the voicing does not work well because it only saves one voicing and I want to use more than one when exploring and playing different chords.

If I have a song with the notes B,C, and D# and I’m using Section B to determine which scale might work best, I may also want to try out the different voicings as I explore the scales. I could take certain chords from a Lydian scale (for example) and add them to Section C. But, in order for me to add my favorite voicings on the chords that I have added to C, I have to load “Favorite Chords” in Section A and that has the result of changing Section B such I can’t easily explore other scales that fit my existing track. One potential solution is to lock Section B when loading a scale set in Section A.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts. This would be tremendously helpful.

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You can use a combination of extract, lock and apply for each different voicing but it becomes hard when used on more than a couple of chords, I agree.

Yes, this is one of the limitation of the current workflow. Everything you see in Scaler is always through the filter of the current selected scale. We will bring new scale-locking features in the next release that will improve this.

Thanks for the feedback.