BIAB loaded back

Now that there was space on the hard drive, I downloaded BIAB back. Although I once said that there is no use anymore, but I was wrong. That program also has a place in my life. Actually, quite a big place. First of all, it’s nice to play along with the background tape you’ve made, and secondly, there are a lot of possibilities when you just learn to use them. I still want to think about chord progressions with the Scaler program. That’s a good program and maybe the best one on the market right now. You can use midi in the BIAB program, that is, if you want to use your own melody. Realtracks are of course studio-level sounding. However, it is difficult for them to make any more original music. Maybe that is also possible if you are good at using a DAW and other editing programs. I’m not good myself, just really bad and I hate editing. So my point is that all different programs have their place. Where Scaler is good, BIAB is better in something else and RC is good in many things too, etc. At the moment, my favorite that I will use is Logic Pro X, Scaler, RC, BIAB and maybe OPUS and Native for sounds.

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