Bind function to midi cont issue

as clearly as I can explain this. So when i bind function to my midi controller, what happens is not only when i hit the one midi note to trigger the chord, it also plays the same midi note when i press it to activate that particular chord, even though that key is not in the chord. and so it sounds crazy because its recognizing the midi key im pressing like its a part of the chord. I hope I made sense lol!

Hi @thenonplus and welcome to the forum.

What operating system are you on and what DAW are you using?
With bind active you shouldn’t be hearing the bind key triggering with the bound chords so something funky is happening. So would be good to know what you are working on and what your process is.

im using windows 10 and im using updated FL Studio 21.2. I’m just messing around with chord progressions and noticed it.