Bind midi in right hand with chords in left

Hi Im not sure if this has been done but when setting a scale I can get the chords to bind in the left (although 2 repeating octaves of the chords I selected on the left side would be cool)

I cannot see how to bind the scale to only white notes in the right hand. This would let me play chords in the left and notes from the scale in the right. Of course the way ti is now forces me to learn the scale so thats good too.

Can you please add this option?

Hi @xtremsounds,

Scale lock is coming in 1.3.
We are starting beta testing really soon and planning for a release in about a month.

In the meantime, you are right, it forces you to learn the scales which is always useful :slight_smile:

Hi im having problems binding chords to my external hardware in ableton. It seems to work with vst softsynths but not external gear