Bind options

Hi Scaler fam,

When we press the bind button in section B, it only lets us play one octave of the chords we have in the section, I would find it very useful to have the possibility of at least being able to play a range of 3 octaves of the chords with only one key (That 3 black octaves appear on the piano when the bind button is pressed). I think this would help to open the possibilities when generating songs with chord progressions.


You lasso the patterns you want to play with the bind. If you have 7 patterns you want to play lasso all patterns. The bind keys will reflect that.

@jamieh is absolutely correct. In the example below I have loaded a scale into pattern 1 and duplicated the pattern twice. I lowered the pitch of the first pattern by 1 octave and raised the pitch of the 3rd pattern by 1 octave in the EDIT page.

By lassoing all three patterns I created a bound range of three octaves.

Thanks @jamie and ed66, I will definitely apply the hack you just showed me, although it would be nice if it would happen automatically in the B section without having to create it by hand and not waste time on things other than creating new music. But this will work …thanks guys!!!

To be fair this is by design, it’s not a hack. You can set the Patterns to be selected with Key Switches if you would like.