Black screen for plugin in pro tools


I’ve just purchased v 2.1.2 of scalar 2 to run on the latest version of pro tools on windows 64 bit.
I installed the plugin as suggested, restarted my machine, launched pro tools, and no matter how i initiate the plugin (audio suite/instrument etc) I just get a black screen which hangs forever until I force close pro tools using task manager (sometimes even this doesn’t work and I have to hard reboot.
Occasionally I’m treated to a waves type sound every 30 seconds while its hanging, but on the last few attempts not even that.

I’ve looked around this forum for similar issues, but the usual solution is moving the window, or changing the settings in users/app data/roaming to not show the guide.

None of this is working for me as I can’t interact with the window without “Pro Tools is not responding” and permanent hang.

Anyone else had this? Is there a solution?

I’m running AMD cpu with 16GB Ram Windows 64 bit.

No other plugins (including ones from plugin boutique) have caused any issues.

I fixed the issue after a little more digging here with other DAW’s. I loaded ScalerSettings from start/search in windows and turned off OpenGL


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