Black screen in ableton?!

i just bought this product and it doesnt work i get a totally black screen whats going on ?? been at this for hours

Hi @eahowden

here is what you can try to get rid of this black screen issue:

  • Reboot your computer after installing Scaler
  • Make sure your graphic drivers are installed / up-to-date

If this doesn’t work:

  • Disable OpenGL in Scaler:
    • Navigate to following folder:
      • Windows : C:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\Plugin Boutique\Scaler2
      • MacOS : /Users/ username /Library/Application Support/Plugin Boutique/Scaler2
    • In the same folder open the file “Scaler2.settings” with a text editor
    • Either update or add the line:
      • <VALUE name=“openGLRendering” val=“0”/>
    • Launch Scaler 2 and check if you can see the interface

thnks so much its working i needed to update my drivers thaans