Blues Notes Required

It would be useful to have either major Blues Scales and minor blues scales as separate entities or the ability to selectively add Blues notes to scales. particularly useful would be ability to add bIII , bV and a bVii to a major pentatonic scale. Or add bV to a minor penatatonic. It would also be good addition to allow you to generate the resulting chords that occur which is basically the ability to draw chords from the parrallel minor when starting out with the notes from the major scale.

Another useful addition might be the ability to allow the playback of selected chords in loop-able sequences. So you ave basically 4 available slots in the BUILDER SECTION of SCALER.these correspond to 1,2,3,4 places into which you can move chords. It would be nice if you could just loop chords in each of these sections or the whole thing as it is now. The ability to do this would allow greater continuity to be able to build song sections allowing greater ability to focus on one particular area and hear how this sounds as a standalone section of a piece , allowing for better refinement.

Lastly FUNK Chords are a bit under represented in Scaler. You can search for voicing for 6th, 9ths, 11ths and 13ths but it is time consuming. Also when you start to hack away at the chords to remove 3rds and 5ths this often alters the chords to become chords that fall into new chords with new roots so they are re-named not as the original minus or ‘no 5th’ for example. A FUNK section of chords would be useful and quicker than having to make your own from scratch. Just a suggestion!