Bluetooth headphones on Scalar iPadOS Standalone

Hi, I know Bluetooth headphones aren’t the most ideal for music making, but they’re convenient for in many cases when on the go with an iPad. I am having issues with Scalar 2’s audio being extremely quiet and some kind of weird muffled type quality which suggests that some bits of the audio signal are shifted or truncated.

Either way, there’s definitely a bug with hearing Scaler’s audio on Bluetooth headphones.

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Welcome @Funkspace, there is a definite reduction in sample rate and bit depth using bluetooth headphones which is normal as Apple have yet to do lossless over bluetooth but it does sound particularly bad and I am not sure why without doing some more testing. I’ll check it out and discuss with the dev team. In the meantime and in regard to volume to to settings and Scaler UI Velocity and turn it up there, that should change volume of clicked chord boxes.

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Hello Davide! Thanks a lot for your kindness! And I am happy to discuss with you about everything of Scaler 2.
I agree with Funkspace concerning the Bluetooth headphones because I have the same experience. So I really suggest a review on the volume rising. I tested the UI risen to 150 but the result is not different.
The sound is very quiet (low) in the headphones even if the UI velocity is set to 150.
Maybe the team might take in consideration this suggestion for our better experience!

Best regards !

Hi Davide,

There’s definitely a problem because if I don’t run Scaler 2 in Stand alone and use something like AUM to host Scaler 2 as an AUv3, then the same audio via Bluetooth headphones is perfect in comparison. There’s definitely major degradation of the audio occurring with Bluetooth on Scalar 2 being run as a stand alone workstation.


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