Bombastic hidden gems for live solos in Scaler 2.4

I just found that using Keys Lock I can do solos not just with green keys, BUT using all notes showed by red line and over, where I am only limited by my Hammond extension!

And, with solo’s chords bound in Section C, if I click on the scales drop-down menu

As far as I click on one scale (red arrow), then to a name in the list (yellow arrow) this scale is applied to the series in Section C!

Using these 2 gems mean infinite possibilities to do solos that are totally in tune with the Scaler instance that manages the accompaniment: a :boom: bastic feature

here is the 2 XMLs
Scaler for accompaniment.xml (10.2 KB)
Scaler for solos.xml (9.7 KB)

And the routing for my beloved Hammond

Note that I used an easier different routing here, with 2 Hammonds instead of one

Feel free to test those gems with a suitable instrument and let me know

It is since the physical-world treasure hunts, that I don’t have so much fun searching for hidden gems

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