Border Question


My name is John. I just bought Scaler and am looking forward to making good use of it. My question is why is there a blue border around some of the chords boxes and some have a gray border?


John B.

There are 3 types of chord coloring:

  • The blue border represents a chord that is entirely “compatible” with the scale. All the notes composing the chords are part of the currently selected scale.

  • The grey border means some of the notes of the chords are not in the scale.

  • On some chords you can read the degree of the chord below the name. It represents the position of the root note of the chord in the scale written in roman numeral. If a chord does not have a degree indicated, it means that the root note (the note on which the chord is based) is not present in the scale.

There is no hard rules, the colors are simply an indication. It does not translate to correct and incorrect chords. Some songs will use only blue chords, some of them will use mostly blue chords with some grey chords.

Notes outside the scale can be use to give your track a “color” or “style”. You can have a look at the different songs and you will see that some genres use more or less “out-of-scale” notes.

Thank you for your explanation.