Breaking apart Chords (Performance)

Hi Guys,

Granted, there will never be a plugin that will turn you into an Oscar Peterson and I know there is some help from SCALER’s Strumming/Arpeggio patterns in varying Chords somewhat (though way too mechanical/robotic for me). And some Chords may have more notes then others and so the Arp function is not quite the answer.

I wondering what might be good DAW strategies or possible SCALER developments (incoming?) that could help here. I’m strictly talking of a live “Performance” aspect. Sometimes you want to strike all notes of the Chord, sometimes a gentle arpeggio drift, sometimes splitting notes or repeating some of them and so on and so forth.

Human feel cannot be replaced but something might get us a little further down the line…

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I believe that we could potentially see later versions of the scaler plugins achieve something like what you describe here, it’s all just timing velocity and note length , ez keys by toontrack has the ability to emulate playing styles which are routed through their midi packs those are played by professional keyboard players, you can bring in any midi of your own and have your chord progressions play in the wide selection of playing styles. however working with your daw I feel it’s best to just bring in the chord progressions and and manually alter the midi, “note placement velocity etc. I know it’s time consuming but when you are looking for a specific rythm or playing style thats your best way to achieve it for now’. If your working on ableton and want simple workarounds there is a max for live device called humanize which alters the midi notes by varying degrees you can pair that with abletons velocity device and add some random velocity and you should have a lot less robotic sounding progression”. This is definitely something i’d love to see implemented in a new way in theese plugins