Bring automation to Scaler please

I would like to bump up a feature request that is more than 1 year old: automation. E.g. see the original thread here. It can’t be too hard because all the functionality is there already, it just needs to be exposed to the DAW’s automation system somehow.

Today for example in Bitwig Studio if I want to switch between 4 keys in my melody I need to make 4 copies of Scaler, each set for each key, and put the 4 Scalers in a “Note FX Selector” which I then automate to turn on and off the Scaler I need at the right time. Isn’t it silly?




It’s a good point. Reaper has an extraordinary provision of control and automation, and it would be great to get Scaler 2 linked to the myriad of CC available by means of MIDI learn command or automap.
Due to the dynamics in my working flow and being most time in front of an external MIDI controller (Novation SL MKII plenty of buttons, faders and pads) it would be very practical to be able to remotely activate or deactivate the most used features in Scaler via CC msgs. as I do with most of my most frequently used plugins.

In my case in the “wish list” for Scaler:


  • off/on (Bypass) at the moment this one is the only I can activate or deactivate Scaler by means of “bypass” learn MIDI link in Reaper. from my controller (global MIDI CC which is host dependent)
  • MIDI binds A,B,C
  • All “Detect” functions set: Record, Audio, Play or MIDI mode, trash (clear analysis).
  • “perform” and “voice grouping” settings.

Section (bind) B

  • Triads, Voicings, Variation

Section (bind) C

  • Open Chords Pad and EDIT
  • Pattern select

I think that many of the Scaler features related to the design, analysis and exploration of scales and chords, such as those found in Modulation, I prefer to perform them with a mouse in hand, since they require more from my cerebral side than from the live performance action prior to chord detection or when interacting with other areas in the DAW.

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Excellent point.
I was wondering how people negotiate key changes.

My crazy workaround was taking screenshots in Logic of the changes before i modulated.
Really a crap way to remember the chord sequences.

Automation To switch between scales please for Version 3 please!


I just duplicate a scaler leaving the original chords, and or drag the chords out to a channel. So I have all the originals accessible and in play.

Hi Davide yes that is what I’ve described in my original post too, but it’s far from ideal during performance of improvisation in general. E.g. every time I want to make changes I need to propagate them to all copies of Scaler + the possibility of error as I do.

Also, if I have Scaler on multiple instruments - say a lead keyboard, pads and bass, I need to do the same for each of them, and each instrument may need little variations from the first instrument (octaves, inversions…) so I can’t even copy and paste from the Scaler where I made the original changes. Those little elements of difference may also be put somewhere in an automation track.

Software like many of Native Instruments Kontakt’s are good examples, e.g. Session Guitarist. Key changes are made using pure automation, and other more common parameters like strumming patterns changes using uncommon “deaf” notes, for example from C-1 to B-1, so that they can be easily trigged from a MIDI keyboard too.

Thanks understood and that is where we are headed. For now are you aware you can ‘SYNC’ all scalers? So every time I make a change I SYNC all scalers and the change is reflected across instances of scaler! See attached:


Vote for the MIDI automation / MIDI CC parameter control here. Haven’t been working with scaler for long now but just ran into a situation that led me to hit the forum and check the feature requests. I found myself jamming around on a 7 pattern chord set while clicking to switch between the different Voice Group sections leading to some nice results. Being able to map those sections to a bank of buttons on one of my controllers and quickly switch through them in time would be Wonderful. With more automation/mapping options to the various parameters in Scaler it would really open things up towards being able to jam & perform with scaler.


Definitely add my vote to this as well. Would be a marvelous time saver in setup & be delightful to have midi in to Scaler2 for altering all sortsa things - likesay pattern type, chords/melodies/both settings, basically everything in the edit window & so forth would open up oodles of possibilities for live performance.


I would also like automation of scaler’s controls in my DAW


Yes! I vote for DAW host automation !!!