Bring back inversions

I think omissions of inversions in the Builder section in Scaler 2 was a mistake. It was a useful tool which now requires an extra long winded process to replicate. Builder should still have the inversions options that were present in Scaler vrs 1. You can still get there by edit but it is much less convenient. Please also give us back the octave shift in the builder section as well.

The options in the Global settings do not quite do the inversions as well and nor do the voicings either. Inversions was better in my opinion.

If you’re new to Scaler 2 then editing articulations and chords once you have your progressions is intuitive in Scaler 2’s EDIT mode, particularly with DAW sync. New users wouldn’t think twice, the dichotomy is that rest of us are used to another way to do it. Nothing is ideal, especially when you have software like ours which encompasses so much and has no paradigm to follow. We knew we would have feedback like yours, and we know that we need to reshuffle the deck. I really don’t want to clutter the front end. But somehow we would love to reintegrate a few things on the main page (undo / redo would have priority for me).

Why don’t you have tabs on the gui to separate the abc sections?

Tabbed browsing is a possible way forward but that would be part of a redesign which is an ongoing discussion internally.


Sorry I have just discovered where you have put the inversions. I am still exploring new Scaler 2. Some of the features are still unclear as yet. Or probably I am just so used to using vrs 1 that changing methods and where to look is not intuitive yet.