Buffer sizes

I bought Divismate, and have been playing around with it. In parallel I’ve been reimagining some ‘oldies’ with EDM type synths to see what comes out (you know, from the days when music had good tunes).

Bottom line is that I’m using 32+ tracks, and I started to get a few audio glitches (and I suspect Ozone 10 doesn’t help as it is very CPU intensive) Sometimes this only happened on the first play, which may have been a memory allocation thing. I’ve now upped the buffer size to 512 samples. I’ve since had no more glitches.

So with Scaler feeding a Divismate 4 part Tutti, driving 32 instances of BBC SO (and playing ‘Ode to Hans’) the picture looks like this.

Live recorded CPU
live cpu

Machine recorded CPU
mc cpu


Disc 0% - running on a Samsung EVO 970 M2 SSD

Machine is windows 10 i9-9900, with 32 GB. Interface is a MOTU M4 using MOTU ASIO drivers.

So, question : What buffer sizes are other folk running with this sort of track count ?
The PC seems to be twiddling its thumbs, so to speak.