Bug or Feature?


When I activate and MIDI bind a scale in the Section B, like this…

and then activate the performance as shown, and then drag the MIDI pattern into the DAW, I get the performance expressions, as expected…

EXCEPT…when I chose in section B Voicing OCTAVES AND 3RDS.
Then the dragged MIDI pattern is just walking the normal chord progression without performance…


All the other voicings perform as expected the selected performance pattern.

Is this expected behavior, if so, why?

PS: strangely, when I press a chord button in the very same performance + voicing setting, it actually plays a proper melody based on the performance setting. But dragging that chord while performance is active into DAW does not bring over that performance pattern, but just the chord itself.

Hi @ed66 , not sure why you deleted your response, because it seemed to be the solution to my riddle. Anyway, thanks!

For others who might have missed the answer… it had to do with the playback length setting having been shorter than the relatively slowly changing Cantata melody.


With 16 beats it did play out the longer pattern, or with x2 setting it also worked with shorter settings.

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