Bug with 1.8.0 on Logic Pro X project saved with 1.7.0

I have a Logic Pro X project (10.4.5) on latest mac (10.14.5) that was saved with Scaler 1.7.0. I upgraded to 1.8.0 and the project crashes on startup. “Unable to load ScalerCntr” exactly spelled out like that. I downgrade to 1.7.0 and it starts.

This is an upgrade show stopper.

I have the same setup and no issue here. Try this: Install Scaler 1.8. Open a blank (not from template) Logic File and load Scaler as a Midi FX. Quit. Now try and open your section with 1.7. If that doesn’t work open a new session of Logic and go to Logic~Preferences~Plugin Manager and search for Scaler. Select all instances and then hit Reset and Rescan Selection in the bottom left. Now open your old session. Please report back.

Used your standard installer, it’s in same location. /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/… I checked with mdfind.

I always choose 64 bit.

Logic does not use VST*.

Crash was in “ScalerControl.component”.

Hi @magwa101

have you tried to load Scaler 1.8 into an empty project to see if it works by itself first?

If you are able to run 1.8 it in an empty project, quit Logic, then try to reopen your old project.

I found a work around, disable, restart, remove, reuse 1.8. I’m trying to help you debug, I’m fine.

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