Building a chord

Hello, I’m not sure of the name of the Chord, is it possible to build the chord note by note in scaler

I figured it out, You right-click on an empty slot - Edit Chord - then you right-click again and - add to selection - and build the chord note by note

It’s also good to use a scaler to identify a chord if I don’t know the complex chord itself that I play.

Welcome @jiacooper

Good you found the Chord Editor. Another quick way to build chords when you already know the notes is the Record/Detect option in Section A.

You can see the chord you are playing in the upper window (A) and when you know what you want you can hit the red record button (B) play the chord and it will show up in the pattern (C) You can’t build it sequentially like you can in the editor, but if you can play it, you can record it. Good luck.