Built in progressions suitable for BBC SO Strings (5 instrument) via DIVISIMATE

Just wondering if there are any here using DIVISIMATE with this SCALER in conjunction with a non-ensemble (ie monophonic parts ) string section library like BBC SO that works

Ive got DIVISIMATE and SCALER working nicely together now in Ableton using DIVISIMATE loopback and am just exploring the built in chord progressions along with performance options.

But given real string sections have hard-wired note ranges - when using a DIVIDI tool like DIVISIMATE to split a 5 part chord into separate lines - what are the best options?

( I’m already playing around with octave transposition tools in DIVISIMATE - for example for the basses but any tips to make things easier or better sounding would be appreciated. )

I’d love to see the SCALER team get together with DIVISIMATE and have them come up with some patterns and progressions and SCALER/DIVISIMATE settings optimised for libraries such as my BBC Symphony Orchetra string section .


It would be amazing

I have the BBC Discovery and I love that sounds, but using them together is so complex that I give up each time I try

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any resulting progressions would - of course also be applicable for ANY string section library with mono instruments - since the note-ranges for violins, violas, basses etc apply universally :slight_smile:

As I can see, in BBC Discovery each instrument uses a different part of the keyboard, not the whole space

Add to this that my keyboard is 49 keys only, so I have to bend over backwards to tickle ivories in all those small different parts

Moreover, my PC struggles with more than 4 Scaler and 4 BBC instruments

Add to the sum that I hate classical music… :laughing:

I only love the sound of classical instruments (the reason why I acquired BBC), and I am clearly tempted to try an “ensemble” but it is too much hassle now

Yes you’re right. Each instrument ( at least in the full BBC SO ) reflects the ACTUAL range of notes for each string instrument. There is actually a lot of overlap though between instruments - just to complicate matters!.

I have a load of PAD presets loaded from Synthogy Ivory which help to sketch out ideas. But would like to force myself to very narrow choices and learn how to orchestrate etc…

<Add to the sum that I hate classical music…>


Orchestras clearly are for more than just classical :slight_smile:

Hear you about PC CPU consumption ( Have the full library and hate the fan noise which only kicks in when using BBC )

I put in a request to SPITFIRE some time back ro add ensemble patches to the BBCSO library. Having said that for me I feel its good for me to get used to learning how to score for each part - but at least DIVISIMATE gives me a vehicle to try out stuff on the keys.

well, indeed violins are good for other stuff, hip-hop for example
well not exactly LOL

nevertheless, I composed with Scaler a flamenco guitar riff and I used a hip-hop pattern :astonished:

And I found that hip-hop patterns are quite good for rock and metal guitar riffs
and clearly classical expressions can be wonderful to feed a Hammond in rock music

Other BBC instruments that I will possibly use are brasses, and some free plugin is interesting

but my preferred preset for Max Fun and Zero Hassle is:
1 Scaler driving AAS Strum-GS in the loop mode
1 Scaler (with same chords, but different expression) driving a keyboard
Broomstick Bass (with its drums metronome) fed by AAS Strum-GS

You might want to check out Plugin Gurus Unify. Really great for combining multiple instruments & multiple versions of instruments (e.g. Spitfire BBC SO) along with other functionality Unify (Standard Edition) - PluginGuru.com
They’ve just released a library that has just been demo’ed on YT that features BBC SO. DiscoverStation 185 Patch Walkthru! - YouTube
Hoping it’s OK to post about other devs here mods.


Thanks for information @don1thedon
I’ll do a look and let you know if I acquire it
hoping it is not so much complex, because to much complexity kills fun to me

Well perhaps… one can only wonder.

Not a piano player and without Scaler:

Surely, this guy can play… but, if you
aren’t a piano/keyboard player, then
with Scaler on your side you can do
what would normally take years.

Sorry, I don’t have a video, and I only
have the BBC Freebie. So no video.

But it’s the thought that counts, or
so I have heard. :blush:

I doubt I can do that with Scaler anyway, even after a dozen of years

See my post here about using ImageLine’s Minihost Modular with Scaler → Divisimate → DAW, and my post re: BBCSO ensemble patches at VI-C.

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Have you looked at PluginGuru’s Unify v1.3 and Core Station?

Also, slightly different topic, but I’ve put together BBCSO Core UACC-based patches and 156 Divisimate presets that may be useful.

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On my side, I have tried Plugin Guru’s Unify and Core Station. Quite amazing indeed. Only downside: how to change articulation inside one same instance of Unify with many different BBC Core layers inside?

Concerning your BBCSO Core UACC-based patches and 156 Divisimate presets: are you willing to share them one way or another? :slight_smile:

Yes. They’re freely available.

Shame on me! I didn’t click on the links above.
Thanks again.

wow just a cursory look at your post on VI-C tells me I need to look at this!

" so I created 156 presets for Divisimate based on the Professional Orchestration series of books. I’ve also started making presets based on scores I’ve studied. For example, here’s 19 Mendelssohn - Fingal’s Cave Op.26 Presets."

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When using Divisimate and other chord splitting methods in Live I always put Live’s pitch device in front of each instrument so I can easily dial in and change the note range for each voice.


I just got Divisimate, but it certainly can work with Scaler and you don’t need to run a 3rd party host for Scaler in front of your DAW to make it work. Or at least not with the current version of Divisimate and Scaler within Cubase on my Windows computer. It take a bit of set up but there is a MIDIloopback for Divisimate, that comes right from them when you install the application. This allows MIDI data from your DAW to be sent out to Divisimate, processed and then returned to your DAW as multiple MIDI ports.
The combination of Scaler and Divisimate is pretty powerful just in the couple of hours of tinkering around I’ve done so far. It really is the tool that can take Scaler’s understanding of chord theory and split it those notes up across multiple instrument tracks as most composers working in orchestral style music would need.

Here’s a discussion of free vst to split chord notes into individual tracks in real-time. Fwiw.