Button to generate random scales

I Would love a feature (through a button or otherwise )that gave you a random scale to make music from - i feel like this would be a really simple way to spark inspiration instead of having to choose a scale yourself. especially if you’re not too savvy with music theory

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Welcome @iiJune !

I think it would need to have three choices for scales {a} simple (b} interesting {c} bleh :face_vomiting:
If it served up Altered Dominant bb7 or Ionian Augmented it would fail the ‘really simple’ test :smiley:

This reasoning could go down a rabbit hole. I think the spirit of @iiJune 's suggestion is that if it were a simple button, you could just keep pressing it until you find something of interest. It’s not expected to come up with something brilliant every time. The workflow as an aleatoric “composer” is to create as much random noise as possible, just so we can “mine” the few gems that will inadvertently emerge. (bottom up thinking vs. top down thinking)

Sound thinking, as ever, @Bernd

I wrongly conflated ‘simple’ with the output of the button press, as opposed to a “simple method” to facilitate serendipitous discovery…