Buying Scaler 1+2 @ Pluginboutique

Hi, I have a little question about buying Scaler @ pluginboutique.

If I understand correctly, Scaler 2 is new alongside Scaler 1.
If version 2 superseded 1 what would be the benefit of owning both?

As I don’t own Scaler yet but am interested.
When pricing for both is $49. What will Scaler 2 cost on its own?

Buy Scaler 1 & Get a FREE Upgrade to version 2

(Release May 27th)

Note: The free upgrade is only available for users who purchased Scaler between May13th-26th 2020

@Trinity Thats a good question.
I guess the question is; is there any point buying Scaler 1 now or should I just wait until next week.
Well I guess if you buy now you get both and you get to learn the workflow of Scaler over the next ten days in preparation. Im sure over time some users may prefer the way Scaler 1 does one or two things in which case sure why not. They can both coexist and live together but we won’t really be supporting / updating Scaler 1 so me personally I would prefer the one supported plugin on my system.
Ah and yes the other most important question. Which is my cheapest entry point? There’s a chance that scaler 2 may be $59 so it could cost you $10 waiting a week. We don’t set the pricing but we will find out next week.

You can take a gamble, and potentially save $10 by buying scaler1 now.
Then join the beta here to start learning Scaler2.
Then when you get the upgrade to Scaler2 (from your Scaler1 purchase) you can always uninstall scaler1 if you’ve installed it.

Eitherway, you cant go wrong with Scaler2 :100: :+1:


Thanks @davide

Bit the bullet and bought it.
Great tip for the beta @AntiPyr8
I just requested a beta license

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Welcome to being a fellow Scaler’er :handshake:
You wont regret it, I PROMISE.

Hmm, now I’m torn… I have been holding off buying Scaler because I was thinking a lot of software releases tend to have a short discounted period sometimes when first released, so I thought maybe Scaler would too… Money is super tight for me atm, so every bit I can save is super helpful. But if that’s not going to happen at launch, I’d rather potentially at least save $10… Anyone have any feedback on PB’s own software release behavior?

It’s not too much longer until release, but do you get access to Scaler 2 beta if you buy now? Maybe they’re not too different, I’d rather just learn the flow for ver 2 though…

My guess would be something like:
Scaler 2 introduction price: $69
Upgrade price: $19
Will be discounted in the near future for $49 and/or $29 in November (like 1 did)

Scaler 1 could also be still a thing: freebie/heavily discounted in the next couple months to lure ppl in to version 2. Obv. Depends on marketing strategy.

Therefore I bought now. Anticipating next cheaper option then $49 would be possibly 6 months from now.

Definitely right on the above point.
As of Wednesday the original Scaler will not be available for purchase.

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Thanks for the transparency, I ended up buying it just now!

I honestly had no idea scaler 2 was coming. I bought scaler 1 on 5/9, just a couple days before the cutoff of 5/13. :pensive:

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I have to confess that even though I’ve owned it for 2 days. I’d have no problem paying 20 to upgrade to Scaler 2. :smiley:


When Scaler has midi import and re-harmonisation option,triad to inverting complex chords automatically or manually and more adding more voices automatically and maybe add bassline/alternative bass notas options…I can pay 99$ too…But for now its not very necessary midi plugin…Captain Chords does it easily.
The problem is when i have midi chords from Chordify or somewhere,i cant change easily all the chords to more flavoured chords…I need to change all single chords manually to different chords…
This can be very very cool feature.

Is it easy and possible to add these features