By clicking on the chords in the GUI, can Scaler record a live input?

Hi there,
Is there any option to record a live input in Scaler by clicking on the chords?
I don’t mean “midi capture”, I want only the triggering keys to be recorded, to hit record in the DAW and record the triggering keys while its playing.
I know i can play it on the launch key, but i wondered if there’s a possibility to do it by only clicking on chords in the GUI.

I am not sure which DAW you are using but the basic answer is yes. Simply route the audio output from your Scaler track to another audio track having armed it for recording. This works in Reaper, Ableton Live and I think Cakewalk. It will probably work in other DAWs as well, I just don’t know them.

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What I am reading here is - You have the DAW in record mode and you are clicking on the chord pads in Scaler with the mouse and you want that trigger click recorded. Is that right? I would say no. The DAW does not record mouse clicks to trigger that I have heard of. If I got your intention wrong I apologize.

I thought that what you wanted was to record the output of Scaler which you are triggering using a keyboard that you have bound to Scaler.

If you also want to record the keys that you are playing as input to Scaler then yes you can do it in Ableton Live. To do this load Scaler into Track 1 (a midi track). Set another midi track to record the out put from Scaler, pre fx. This will record the keys you play. Set an audio track to record the output form Scaler. arm all 3 tracks,

and play.

You can also record the midi out from Scaler on another midi track if you set the midi from Scaler 2 and the channel to Scaler 2.

Youy can also do this on Reaper. In this example I have routed the audio to a separate track for clarity.

But that’s not how I read his question.

I was trying to interprt the question in relation to Scaler and audio recording. I assumed that what @Mr.Talchik wants is do is to record the keyboard input, which is what I understand by

If, as you interpret the question, @Mr.Talchik wants to literally record mouse clicks then I would suggest he will need a video recordong program rather than a DAW. As you ucorrectly say the answer is “no” to recording mouse click in a DAW.

Cubase pro has a set-up for this using a Group Track routed to an Audio Track. It’s kind of funny. When I started with Cubase this was one of my first questions, but as I began to learn Cubase a little better it was one of the last things I ever needed to do.

Thank you guys! but I think it’s too much of a fuss for something I think cannot be done and is not that important overall.
its hard to explain the process exactly but ill try again:
Click record in the daw - Play the scaler chords with my mouse while the DAW is recording- hit play again and listen to the chords :smile:
right now the DAW records nothing, so I asked if there’s a simple way that the DAW will record it. However, if I need to route channels and do anything complicated, I’d rather play in my launch key. It’s not a real problem, just thought there might be something I’m missing.

OK, I’ll bite…

As mentioned. this workflow is DAW specific but can be very simple to setup. What DAW are you using?

In Studio One it looks like this:

Track 1 loaded with Scaler (this track will record nothing)
Track 2 has no instrument loaded, is armed for record but the input is coming from Scaler in Track 1 (this will record the chords you click with your mouse in Scaler loaded in Track 1)

Now I can hit record, click on the chords and those notes are recorded in Track 2 as shown below

To listen to them, you need to either

  1. Move the newly recorded midi event to track 1 and hit play
  2. Enable Scaler as the instrument on track 2 and disable Scaler as the input source.

Either way it is a 2 step process in Studio One.

For a 1 step approach, you could load a 2nd instance of Scaler on Track 2 (being sure to use instance 1 as you input source. Then you will record and play on the same track but you will trigger using Scaler from Track 1.

I do this all the time…easy peasy,


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Amazing! thanks man :heart_eyes:

Im using cubase, and yes it works!

I have another difficulty for you :smile:
can I record that way only the binding notes? not the chord itself, only the notes. those:

Not that I know of.
Once you bind, you tell Scaler to map that note to the chord.
You could create a set of unsion chords that only have one note but that would defeat the purpose of having a chord in the 1st place.

If you did want to do that,

  1. Go to the detect mode in section A
  2. Hit Record and play the notes of interest
  3. Stop record and then right click on the notes (or all of them) and select Create Unison Chord
  4. Send those chords to a pattern and when you play them you will only get the single notes.

No idea if this helps, but it is the only way I know to trigger notes from the Scaler chord UI directly.

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Great Tmac! if so ill stick to my launch key :smile:
but it is a great option I didn’t knew exist

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