Bypass Groups


Is there a way to temporarily bypass Groups?

When building a project I sometimes want to temporarily bypass Groups and hear and/or record the basic chords of a pattern. I don’t want to undo all the assignments I’ve made.

I have ways of handling this but 1) have I missed something on this, 2) if not, I think it would be a handy feature to have, if possible. Thanks. :slight_smile:

This is on a wish list of mine for the very same reasons. To confound matters I’ve learned that if you try to set them all to the main group temporarily all other groups revert to blank so you really need to start over. It would be nice to have a toggle on the performance group and turn it on or off.

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My current method when I arrive at this place is to duplicate the Scaler Track and then trash the Groups in the duplicated track, but you have to then reassign instruments to the new Scaler.

Certainly not ideal but I’ve used that work around as well.

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Hi @1stInversion

good idea, I definitely see how this would be useful for many of us.

Adding this to the list :wink:


What “groups” are you speaking about?
Just curious

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Under playback performances =

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I developed a nice little workflow on this.

  1. Take Chords from Pattern #1 and duplicate in Pattern #2
  2. Assign Performances to Pattern #2 appropriate to the part.
  3. Use Key Switch to maintain harmonic rhythm of Pattern #1 but play chords, now playing a Bass part, for example, from Pattern #2

This does not obviate the convenience having a Groups Bypass would offer, but provides a neat way of making one instance of Scaler drive different instruments with different group assignments suitable to different instruments – pads, basses, leads, keys.

This is where Scaler is being used more for Part creation and not as much for its internal sounds.

Anyway, we’d still like the Groups Bypass, but the Key Switch method is great for keeping it all “under one roof” so to speak.

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