C#/Db and D#/Eb are written separately

I notice Scaler these symbols are written together.
Although the meaning is the same. But sometimes it can seem confusing.

I find that a lot of music software is written separately. It’s very clear.
So, I was hoping SCALER could write separately.

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Scaler is the correct way to do this. You need to know those notes are the same. Why is it confusing?

maybe from a scale perspective? C# major has seven sharps, where Db has five flats. They may be enharmonic equivalents of each other, but that does not make the all notes in the scale the same.

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I think it is very much perspective issue in the eye (or hands of the person playing / composing)

From a guitar angle, C#/Db are the same fret and I’m only bothered about what mode I’m playing, to get the intervals. I’ve never got the hang of the written down dots and sticks stuff, but I can see that others might well need to know what to put in the clef thingy.

well, just thinking out loud that the name is “scaler” and not “noter” :slight_smile: but agree the perspective & context matter.

I know it’s the same. But it doesn’t look comfortable to a novice. Especially with some chord progressions, the brain always has to think.

If it wasn’t too hard, I’d like to write it just like any other software, even if the meaning is the same.

If the Scaler team could write it all out, it would make Scaler software feel much easier to use. This is entirely from the perspective of all users.

IMHO it is worth remembering that Scaler has evolved from a tool to help users learn about music. Therefore I believe that C# and Db are enharmonic but, in theory, not the same is important. As @swingmix says

As as a user’s understanding and knowledge of music develops so this will become more comfortable. I believe instances where understanding the difference between Db and C# is useful is when considering extensions, modulation and chord substitutions.

Yes this is more advanced, but since, as I said above, as Scaler has evolved from a tool to help users learn about music, this helps develop your compositional skills.

I completely agree with what you said.
However, if it’s not troublesome, I still hope Scaler can add everything.