Cakewalk and scaler

can someone explain me how to realize cakewalk and scaler multi output?

I guess we can assume that you have got Scaler working with its MIDI driving a VST using a single channel.
May be the place to start is by switching MMO on, and then routing the MIDI to a multi-timbral synth … just use TTS

There are some posts here on that topic - try the search.

Hi @Gerard

Just been experimenting with this on Cakewalk by Bandlab v2022.11 0n Windows 10 and I think this is a question about routing midi in Cakewalk.

Basically, @panda is correct that you can use a multitimbral instrument such as TTS-1 which works very well with MMO on Scaler. Just remember that Channel 1 outputs the whole chord and the subsequent channels (2 - 16) output the individual notes starting with the lowest note on channel 2.

Remember when loading Scaler into a Cakewalk track to ensure that the option to “Enable Midi Output” is checked.

However, you are not confined to only using multitimbral instruments. You can use Scaler to drive individual tracks in Cakewalk with a different instrument on each track. I haven’t used cakewalk for a while and was slightly confused by the need to ensure that Input Echo is switched on on each midi track for each instrument.

Then it is simply a case of routing the midi input from the relevant Scaler channel on the midi track of each instrument.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the information, just great