Cakewalk with Scaler 2 (2.04) VST3 not loading project

New project in CbB.

Insert Scaler 2 VST3 version and use it, drag some MIDI etc then save the project.

Close CbB and try to re-open the project. I just get an endless “Opening Project Loading Synth Scaler 2…” message and the project doesn’t open.

Works fine with the VST2 version of Scaler 2.

EDIT: Thought I had posted this to the Bugs Forum but it seems to be in Support. Can an admin please move it or is that how it is supposed to work? Thanks

Hi @ZincT and welcome,

thanks for reporting with the detailed steps to reproduce.

Good to hear you have been able to find a workaround with VST2.
We will have a look and fix this in the coming days.

Thanks Ed1!

Really enjoying the new features compared to V1 by the way. :+1:

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