Can I Add Scales? I don't see a Bebop Scale

Can I Add Scales? I don’t see a Bebop Scale.

Hi @alexlimbert

no, you cannot add scales in Scaler, but we will have a look at adding the Bebop scales in the next patch.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you very much for answering. Actually, I was thinking there are other scales that are missing so that’s why I was thinking I would like a feature to add additional scales.

It is quite difficult to get a user editable list of scale due to the way the Scaler works at the moment.
We are more than happy to have a look at any suggestion and add the scales you would like to the list.

We will keep in mind your idea and will discuss with the team if we can make the scales list editable in a future version but I can’t promise anything a this stage.

Thank you. Is there a place where I can get a text file list of the scales Scaler currently has?

Rather than make suggestions all over the place, could you indicate a single location where we could suggest additional scales? Am I right that the blues, major and minor, scales are missing? Thanks!

Hello, scaler user here.

I cant know how hard it is for you to make users able to add their own scales in Scaler but i encourage you to make it happen; this function is so important to me. :slight_smile:
There are some other programs that does that (Cales, Chordz) but we dont have all the cool feature of Scaler

Meanwhile if you can add the Hugarian minor it would be great!



Oh, I really like to have the Messiaen modes of limited transposition. I think Scaler would really help people explore those esoteric harmonies!


Adding Scales is something we would like to get to but it’s a complex ecosystem and some of the ‘alive’ features could be compromised by adding user scales. There are ways around it and we would like to add user created Scales (I for one am coming up with my own for an Arabian based project) so it’s a useful feature that we don’t feel is the biggest priority (ahead of others) for our users yet. Will happen!