Can I buy more song style patterns for Scaler 2?

It has a great selection already but it would be helpful to have more patterns.

Addition of User written patterns (in some form) is an oft requested enhancement here, and I think the author’s response can essentially be summarised as ‘watch this space’ … so at some stage, probably. I think this will result in third parties jumping in to offer such add-ons.


Thank you for the great response Yorkeman!

May I suggest one solution if you want more patterns for Scaler you can buy midi patterns and then detect a pattern using Scaler’s detect facility. Once you have detected the pattern just move the pattern to section C then export the Scaler state or save the pattern.

This is a bit tedious but does at least enable you to import your own patterns.


That only lets you save the MIDI chords. It doesn’t save any rhythmic patterns.

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I don’t think anry of the song styles included in Scaler include a rhythmic element. They simply present a sequence of chords for teh song style.

Nor can Scaler import rhythmic patterns. However if, having identifed the harmonic pattern, you then create a rhythm through the EDIT page and then export the state, the rhythm will be exported in the state and can be imported with the state.

Note also this post from @davide which indicates new chord sets.

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I think our definition of MIDI patterns is off here. When I see reference to MIDI patterns I’m thinking that means arp, ostinatos, etc. MIDI chord set would just be chords, maybe rhythmic but not broken up into note by note patterns. Just for clarity.


You are correct, @jamieh, in what you say and if you use Scaler to detect a midi pattern the result is a chord pattern with no rhythmic content.

In my original response I was responding to the original query

and trying to suggest a way this could be achieved using midi clips/patterns or even audioclips and using Scaler to detect possible harmonic patterns.

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Of course. Scaler can detect those MIDI packs quite well. Those can offer new sources of progressions and as you point out, can be saved as a Scaler state after editing.

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Thank you for all of the help!
I am sorry that I have not learned to use Scaler 2 yet like I want to.
I plan to learn it soon and this may be a newbie question,
Can I set up a blank user bank for imported chord patterns?
A while ago I bought Nico’s midi patterns.
I am not sure that I want them mixed in with the stock Scaler 2 patterns.
And thanks for pointing out that there is no rhythmical data associated with the patterns.

That is okay, I prefer making my own rhythms.
I would love to see the available patterns maybe even quadrupled.
Some of the long patterns it is okay to leave out a chord or two here and there.
I am so very excited about this program and its features!
Dragging and dropping chords into Cakewalk is really nice!
There are these not sure what to call them, “modalities” when i click on them nothing seems to happen.
I will start watching the lessons. :slight_smile:

Are you talking about these? -----

Hello Jamieh,

I guess they are marked as “scales”.

When selecting them, they change the names of the chords and change the markings on the keyboards but the chords still sound the same.

I am puzzled by this.

That controls what scale is used. If you watch the chords in section B they will change. If you don’t change the root note it might not appear but they do change.

Hey Jamieh, that kind of of blows my mind but I can understand it sort of. :smile:
I should probably ask this in another thread but,

Can Scaler make an arpeggio from a set of chords?

Oh wow, I found the arpeggio section! AMAZING!